Kayhan Batmanghelich

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Kayhan Batmanghelich

Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Informatics

Phone: 412-648-9037
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Room 531
5607 Baum Blvd, Suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15206-3701

I am an Assistant Professor of Department of Biomedical Informatics and Intelligent Systems Program with secondary appointments in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments at the University of Pittsburgh and an adjunct faculty in the Machine Learning Department at the Carnegie Mellon University. My research is at the intersection of medical vision (medical image analysis), machine learning, and bioinformatics. I develop algorithms to analyze and understand medical image along with genetic data and other electrical health records such as the clinical report. For example, we are developing a probabilistic model to extract information from brain images (Magnetic Resonance Images) of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and relate them the underlying genetic markers involved in the disease. We are interested in method development as well as translational clinical problems because after all, exciting research directions are coming from real applications. Read More

Recent News


Sep 26, 2020

Congratulations to Mingming Gong! His awesome paper (Preprint) is accepted to the Oxford Bioinformatics Journal! Fundamental and rigorous research for inference of statical independence which uses unpaired data!


Aug 21, 2020

I am excited to present at the Oxford ML Summer School (OxML 2020)! I will talk about various applications and challenges of Machine Learning in Medical Imaging!


Jan 18, 2020

Excited to give a talk in DeepMind about Real-World Applications of Explainable Models in Medical Imaging!


Oct 02, 2019

Excited to give a talk about our recent NeurIPS paper at SAP Research Retreat!

Selected Publications

Probabilistic Modeling of Imaging, Genetics and the Diagnosis

K.N. Batmanghelich, A. Dalca, G. Quon, M. Sabuncu, P. Golland
IEEE Trans Med Imaging

Explanation by Progressive Exaggeration

S. Singla, B. Pollack, J. Chen, K. Batmanghelich

Eighth International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)


Subject2Vec: Generative-Discriminative Approach from a Set of Image Patches to a Vector

S. Singla, M. Gong, S. Ravanbakhsh, F. Sciurba, B. Poczos, K.  Batmanghelich
Medical Image Computing & Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI)

Twin Auxiliary Classifiers GAN

M.*, Y. Xu*, Ch. Li, Kun Zhang, K. Batmanghelich (*: equal contribution)
NeurIPS 2019 [Spotlight 2.4%]

Lab Members

Junxiang Chen

Post Doctoral Researcher (PhD)

Brian Pollack

Post Doctoral Researcher (PhD)

Sumedha Singla

Research Assistant (Pitt-CS)

Li Sun

Research Assistant (Pitt-ISP)

Yanwu Xu

Research Assistant (Pitt-ISP)

Ke Yu

Research Assistant (Pitt-ISP)

Rohit Kumar Jena

Intern (CMU-Robotics)

Sead Nikšić

Intern (Pitt-ECE)


Jiaming Bai

Lisa Hou

Fan Qian

Keyi Yu